Beer Destinations: Where to Find the Best Beer in the World

Beer Destinations

When it comes to drinking beer, there are few things more rewarding than a well-made beverage. Whether enjoyed with friends, food, or a sunset, it can be hard to beat a quality brew.

We sipped our way around the globe to find the best places for enjoying a good glass of beer. Here are some of our top picks:


Germany is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but also a destination that will satisfy your thirst for great beer. There are many top breweries and beer halls that will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy German and local beer in the best way possible.

Moreover, the country is also known for its incredible scenery. This is why the country is ranked as one of the top destinations for travelers to visit. The country has many spectacular sceneries and is full of great activities. It also has a number of great breweries and pubs that will provide you with the opportunity to relax and drink great beer in the best possible manner.

Another reason that Germany is the top destination for travelers who are looking to drink beer is because of its large brewery industry. The country has more than 1,300 breweries and 5,000 brew brands that produce more than 115 hectoliters of beer annually.

There are various types of beer in the country, and each is brewed using different recipes and techniques. Moreover, there are some specific brews that are only brewed in certain regions of the country. The most famous brews include Heineken, Grolsch, and Amstel.

However, the country has a lot of small and independent breweries that specialize in brewing unique and special beers. Some of these breweries have been around for centuries, and others are only a few years old.

Some of these breweries are even famous for producing unique beers that are not available anywhere else in the world. The craft brewers of Germany are among the most innovative and creative, and they have produced some outstanding non-mainstream beers in the past few years.

The country is also home to a wide range of beer specialities, and some of the most popular include wheat beers and Alt brews. Wheat beer is a light, refreshing and fruity brew that is drunk during the summer. In winter, breweries may mix it with Herfst brews, which are darker and stronger.

The breweries in the country are also responsible for ensuring that the Reinheitsgebot, the law on the quality of beer, is followed. The breweries are not allowed to add any other ingredients to the beer, and only barley, hops, and water are used in the brewing process.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy a pint. Not only is the country home to some of the best craft breweries in the world, but it also has plenty of traditional Dutch beer to choose from.

While the Netherlands has become famous for its frothy brews, it’s also been a hotbed of innovation when it comes to cuisine and culture. Its museums, music festivals and brewery tours are a great way to experience the rich history of this fascinating country.

In addition to its brewing tradition, the Netherlands is also a leading exporter of cheese, fruit and vegetables. The country is flat and rich in soil for farming, allowing it to grow plenty of produce that’s sold worldwide.

It’s also one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and despite its dense population it remains one of the most peaceful places in Europe. It has some of the lowest crime rates in the world, and it’s also known for its drug policies and lenient treatment of the mentally ill.

The Netherlands’ famed tolerance is just one reason why the country is so popular with visitors from around the world. The Netherlands was among the first countries in the world to legalise gay marriage, recreational drug use, euthanasia and voting for women, making it a place where everyone can feel comfortable without worrying about being judged or discriminated against.

Moreover, the Netherlands is an idyllic place to travel and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, an island getaway or a cycling tour, the Netherlands has something to offer for everyone.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to sip on some brews, there are a few places in Amsterdam that are worth checking out. The first is ‘t IJ, which has a beautiful outdoor beer garden in an old windmill. This is the kind of place where you can sit back and relax with a delicious brew on a warm summer’s day.

Another option is Butcher’s Tears, an independent small brewery in Amsterdam-Zuid that has a wide selection of beers on tap. They have a laid-back, friendly atmosphere and on weekends they host live music.


Belgium is a country of chocolatiers and waffle makers, but it’s also home to an enviable beer culture. The country produces more than 1,500 different types of beer, from the traditional to the experimental, all using a variety of brewing methods and yeasts.

The country’s breweries are a major tourist attraction, with more than 18,000 pubs offering a diverse range of local and international beers. In 2016, UNESCO designated Belgian beer culture as part of the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, highlighting its social value and the craftsmanship involved in brewing.

Brussels is one of the world’s beer capitals, with a huge variety of bars and cafes to choose from. The central square is ringed by restaurants and bars, and some have outdoor seating that makes it perfect for sipping on a cold beer in the summer or winter.

In the heart of Brussels is a brewery that’s steeped in history: Cantillon, which is a must-visit for any serious beer fan. It’s set in a centuries-old house and includes a lab, so you can see how the brewery works firsthand.

Another must-visit for a taste of Belgium’s craft beers is De Haalve Mann, home to some of the country’s most popular brews. The brewery itself is a treasure trove of old copper kettles, barrels and other equipment.

Besides being a fantastic place to sample the many artisanal beers brewed here, this brewpub is also home to Flemish stew and cheese. You can take a tour and try the beers, which are served in custom-designed glasses.

The brewery is a short walk from Brussels Midi station, and the bar itself is known for its extensive selection of Lambics, which are fermented with wild yeast and aged in barrels. The staff are also extremely knowledgeable about the various styles of beer, and you can book a guided tour to learn all about the process.

The best way to discover the thriving craft beer scene is by visiting a Belgian brewpub or tasting the many beers brewed around the country. Some of the most well-known breweries include Brasserie du Val-Dieu in Liege, which is housed in a Cistercian abbey, and Chez Moeder Lambic, located in the trendy Ixelles district.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known for its beer culture and it is a must-visit destination for the discerning beer lover. It is a country that is rich in culture and history, and the people of the Czech Republic are extremely friendly and warm. They are very much interested in making sure that you have a fantastic time and will go out of their way to make your trip as memorable as possible!

Traditionally, the Czech beer market has been dominated by a few large breweries, but slowly, a local beer culture is developing. Many breweries are now experimenting with smaller, regional and microbrewery beers and a handful of pubs have opened around town to showcase these harder-to-find beers.

Some of the best breweries in Prague include Pilsner Urquell, Budejovicky Budvar and Staropramen. But there are also a few hidden gems that will take your taste buds to the next level!

In the Czech Republic, beer is served almost everywhere – even in breakfast cafes. And the price of beer is very affordable!

One of the most popular breweries in the Czech Republic is Pilsner Urquell, which has been brewed in Plzen since 1842. It is one of the world’s most famous beers and has become a cultural icon in many countries around the world.

Another very popular brewery in the Czech Republic is Budejovicky Budvar, which has been brewing beer in the city of Ceske Budejovice since 1913. It is an excellent brewery to visit as they have a lot of different types of beer on tap including their own beer and also other breweries from the region that you can buy to enjoy at home.

The Czechs are incredibly fond of their beer and it is a national tradition to drink it with pork or dumplings (dumplings are made of noodles and milk). There are many great restaurants in the Czech Republic that serve good quality pork dishes, as well as other delicious food.

The beer is also very tasty in the Czech Republic and it is cheap, making it a popular choice for tourists to buy a bottle and bring back to their home country. There are also many places that offer tank beers, which are unpasteurized and fresher than regular lagers. The first beer to introduce this idea was Pilsner Urquell and now many other breweries in the Czech Republic do it too!

By Patty
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