The Best Living Soil Pots and Beds for Your Garden

Grassroots Fabric Pots

Grassroots Fabric Pots are among the world’s finest fabric containers for living soil, made in America with various features that set them apart from standard fabric pots.

Growing in a greenhouse or humid outdoor environment requires special consideration, as they release heat through evaporative cooling to keep roots cool. They’re also easier to move than traditional plastic pots which can become cumbersome when filled with water.

Standard breathable fabric pots drain and dry quickly from all sides, which makes them suitable for hydroponics or using liquid nutrients; however, living soil growers require the medium to remain damp longer in order to ensure optimal microbial activity and results.

To address this problem, Grassroots developed their innovative MoistureLock strip. Made of BPA-free waterproof lining material and designed to prevent medium from drying out too fast, the MoistureLock allows more time between waterings. However, only 4 inches of your pot have a liner to allow your roots to breathe – eliminating dry pockets which could otherwise lead to root rot.

Grassroots fabric pots don’t trap heat like conventional plastic pots do, allowing the sun’s rays to pass through freely and keeping your root zone at an ideal temperature for optimal microbial activity. Their breathable design also allows ample oxygen to reach roots – an essential factor for uptaking nutrients and supporting beneficial microorganisms.

Grassroots’ innovative drainage system is another integral element of their fabric pots. Traditional fabric pots may cause an anaerobic environment for roots that leads to Phytophthora and Pythium root rot; but with their innovative fabric pot designs that promote proper drainage to dissipate excess moisture throughout their containers and direct it downward via top and bottom drain holes, their pots promote proper ventilation while encouraging healthy root development quickly.


Kultiva living soil bed offers gardeners looking to elevate their gardening to the next level an ideal solution. Crafted from heavy-duty fabric pots, these heavy duty fabric pots create a balanced ecosystem which fosters healthy plant growth while decreasing chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful substances needed. Plus they’re reusable saving both time and money! Their soil contains microbes which promote microbial activity as well as improve fertility levels to make plants healthier and more resilient over time.

They also possess an incredible moisture retention capacity, cutting back on watering requirements and saving trips to the garden.

Classic Fabric Pots & Beds

Smart Pots are lightweight fabric pots designed to foster healthy root development, prevent root binding and keep soil cool. Easy to move, machine washable and fold flat for convenient storage, they feature double stitched seams on the bottom for size 30 gallon or larger and triple hemming for longevity. Made with premium American-made polypropylene free from BPA, heavy metals and mold/mildew.

A raised garden bed’s tough fabric bottom keeps out gophers, moles and other ground pests while still allowing nature’s plants and animals to flourish. Furthermore, this material allows even watering without overflow into floors or containers below and it can even be lined with brick or wood for an attractive finish – or left unlined for lower maintenance needs and greater practicality.

GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds feature an open design with breathable fabric to provide outstanding aeration, air pruning and drainage compared to traditional raised beds that dry the soil from all sides and top. We address this problem by employing waterproof liners with bottom airing strips in order to recreate nature’s top-down drying pattern for optimal moisture retention, eliminating dry pockets and cultivating essential microbes.

These raised bed kits are specifically tailored for all kinds of growing projects, from herbs and flowers to vegetables and fruit. Packed with quality potting mix, organic fertilizer, vegetable starters and seeds – along with quality potting mix – this kit provides all of the tools needed for creating a self-sustainable garden that works indoors or out – making them great choices for urban gardens, rooftop gardens and community gardens alike. Quick assembly requires no tools or construction experience – and they can even be disassembled and stored away easily during winter weather – making these versatile options suitable for many kinds of growing projects!

By Patty
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