Boggle Brewing | Is Alcohol a Problem?
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Is Alcohol a Problem?

Is Alcohol a Problem?

Companies can no longer close their eyes to the scourge of a drug that is neither cannabis nor cocaine, but indeed alcohol. This phenomenon is so deeply rooted in the culture in France, and a subject so taboo that it is poorly treated.

Only prevention will make it possible to overcome this decay and this is what struggling to do, for 20 years in France and throughout the world, members of the association “No to drugs, yes to life“. Their prevention campaign is devoted to the most common drugs including alcohol. On Saturday 4 December, around the forecourt of Beaubourg, hundreds of informative booklets “The Truth About Drugs” were distributed to passersby.

In France, the social cost associated with alcohol amounts to 37 billion euros, taking into account the 30,000 deaths per year attributed to alcohol consumption. 15% of employees are concerned with alcohol problems and the company’s responsibility for the “addictive behaviors” of its employees poses a real problem. It’s not like in the states where you can hire a dui lawyer san bernardino to get you out of trouble.

The head of the Parisian antenna said: Generally in companies, we close our eyes and we only intervene in case of emergency. Yet more than half of the directors of human Relations recognize that alcohol remains the major problem.

He explained: There is a study that was published in the Anglo-Saxon medical journal The Lancet presenting a new classification of the dangerousness of psychotropic products. They conclude that in addition to being the most harmful drug, alcohol is about three times more dangerous than cocaine and tobacco. They analyzed the negative nature both physically, psychologically and socially.

The French “No to drugs, yes to life” branch of the International Association, established in 1991, continues its activities with the objective of making education and prevention on the dangers of drugs. “Truth About Drugs” prevention documents are available in 20 languages and video clips devoted to the most common drugs. The prevention campaign of the Association is supported by a community of Scientologists.

“Knowledge does not destroy the will to live,” wrote the humanist Ron Hubbard.

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